2013 JSPS York-Tohoku Research Symposium on “Magnetic Materials and Spintronics”

10-12 June 2013, Departments of Physics and Electronics, University of York

  • JSPS York-Tohoku Research Symposium

The JSPS York-Tohoku Research Symposium on “Magnetic Materials and Spintronics” – including the IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecture given by Prof Koki Takanashi of Tohoku University – was hosted by the Departments of Physics and Electronics at the University of York from 10-12 June 2013.

Spintronics is one of the emerging fields in condensed matter physics and has been utilised intensively in magnetic recording for hard disk drives. In spintronics, Japan has a leading position in high-quality film growth and device fabrication, whereas the UK leads in characterisation and modelling.

This symposium offered an excellent opportunity for the 89 UK and Japanese attendees – including staff, students and postdocs – to access the latest research outcomes and to discuss their results amongst the world leaders in the field. The symposium dinner and laboratory visits (see photos) also provided an excellent opportunity for setting up future collaborations under the funding schemes offered by JSPS, EPSRC, JST and NEDO (e.g. the EPSRC-JST Cooperative Grant and the Royal Society International Collaboration Scheme).

The symposium actually continued existing collaborations, involving meetings at least once a year in York and Sendai/Tsukuba in turn, and it led to extending the UK/Japan links into EU/Japan links. Profs. Felser and Hillebrands, who are involved in a Japan-Germany Cooperative Programme, were also invited to discuss future joint applications to the EU funding programmes.

This symposium was funded through the Symposium Scheme for Japanese researchers based in the UK jointly with the EPSRC-JST Strategic Japanese-UK Cooperative Programme. It was co-organised by Dr Atsufumi Hirohata and Prof Kevin O’Grady from the University of York and Prof Koki Takanashi from the Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University.