Magnetism Workshop 2013 – brief report by Oliver Whear

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In December 2013, PhD students from York and Bielefeld Universities attended the “Postgraduate Magnetism Techniques Workshop 2013” in York. The event was a fantastic success for the students involved, bringing the latest generation of experimental magnetism students together to demonstrate the experiments available between regional collaborators.

A great deal of magnetic thin film application was discussed in the talks, which has given the HARFIR students an all new understanding and enthusiasm for the wider scope of the project.

The Bielefeld students were given a tour of the York laboratories and had detailed discussions about how best to work together in the coming months, as the two sites have different alloy fabrication techniques.

At this alloy selection and growth stage of the project, there are lots of ideas jumping between the students as York has grown and analysed around 100 samples of different alloys. Based on these initial results, the Bielefeld students plan to return to York to characterise an optimised range of Heusler samples in spring 2014.