Postgraduate Magnetism Techniques Workshop 2013

  • Postgraduate Magnetism Techniques Workshop 2013

Of interest to all HARFIR participants, as well as others involved in similar research, the Institute of Physics Magnetism Group is organising a workshop to provide introductory training in key experimental and theoretical techniques used in magnetic research. The workshop is aimed at new postgraduate students and research fellows new to magnetic research, and will take place on 16-17 December 2013 at the National Science Learning Centre, University of York, UK.

The list of invited speakers for this event reads like a Who’s Who of the UK Magnetics scene:

  • Dr Dan Allwood, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Rob Hicken, University of Exeter
  • Professor Bryan Hickey, University of Leeds
  • Dr Aidan Hindmarch, Durham University
  • Dr Atsufumi Hirohata, University of York
  • Dr Christy Kinane, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Professor Chris Marrows, University of Leeds
  • Dr Damien McGrouther, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Stephen McVitie, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Kevin O’Grady, University of York
  • Dr Tom Ostler, University of York
  • Dr Matt Probert, University of York
  • Professor Bob Stamps, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Steve Tear, University of York
  • Professor Tom Thomson, University of Manchester

The workshop is sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society and co-sponsored by the European Physics Society and the Society of Electron Microscope Technology.

Full details can be found on the IOP’s dedicated PGMT2013 website.