Mackintosh Consultants

Mackintosh Consultants
Mackintosh Consultants (MACK) specialises in helping clients obtain funding from the EC, UK Government and other sources. The company assists its clients – both industrial and academic organisations, from small to very large – with quite a number of different aspects of the funding processes using its 20+ years of experience in seeking partners and forming consortia, compiling Expressions of Interest and lobbying funding bodies, designing attractive projects, writing successful proposals, managing, evaluating and reviewing funded proposals and projects and giving presentations on funding.

Dr Nigel Mackintosh, the Managing Partner of MACK, is a highly experienced Project Manager. He has a PhD in magnetic recording technology from the University of Manchester and was the founder and Vice-President of Technology at California-based Cyberdisk Inc – the world’s first sputtered disk company. He subsequently returned to the EU first as Technical Director and then as CEO of Eurodisk Technologies Ltd, the EU’s only manufacturer of hard disk media.

In 1990, he formed MACK and now manages a small select team in various consulting, outsourcing and business support activities including funding sourcing, funding programme support, technical support, website design, sales and marketing, inward investment attraction, IPO negotiation, personnel recruitment, project management, site selection, technology analysis, market studies, expert opinions, patent litigation, mergers & acquisitions, expert witnessing, component procurement and capital equipment sourcing and disposal.

MACK will be responsible for the following activities in the project:

  • assisting the Project Coordinator in the day-by-day management of the project
  • creating and maintaining the HARFIR website
  • organising the procedures for internal communication within the consortium as well as for the creation and collection of reports and deliverables
  • organising all meetings
  • coordinating and collecting the reports
  • coordinating and collecting all Deliverables
  • monitoring and reporting on the status of Milestones
  • coordinating financial statements and supporting the distribution of funds
  • organising and coordinating the quarterly teleconferences
  • coordinating and verifying Dissemination and Exploitation activities
  • supporting partners with reference to procedures requested by the European Commission