The project has been broken down into 7 Work Packages:

WP1: Financial and administrative management

  • Establish Project Management guidelines and infrastructure
  • Provide administrative assistance to the Scientific Coordinator and partners
  • Provide financial and contractual management of the consortium
  • Ensure execution of the project in conformity with the contract, the Consortium Agreement and the Collaboration Agreement
  • Negotiate any necessary changes to these documents during the project
  • Manage risk
  • Assess progress and results

WP2: Alloy selection and growth

  • Detailed evaluation of Fe2VAl and structural variations
  • Detailed evaluation of Fe2TiSi and structural variations
  • Detailed evaluation of Co2TiAl and structural variations
  • Detailed evaluation of Mn3Al and structural variations
  • Detailed evaluation of the other AF Heusler alloys and structural variations
  • Select a relevant Heusler alloy (up to 5 compounds) to demonstrate high anisotropic AF behaviour
  • Optimise the growth conditions for the above chosen Heusler alloy AF films
  • Compare three distinctive sputtering growth techniques, polycrystalline and epitaxial using single- and co-sputtering
  • Produce Heusler alloy AF/F stacks for evaluation
  • Produce GMR and TMR multilayer stacks based on the Heusler alloy AF/F for device fabrication

WP3: Alloy modelling

  • Develop a model to calculate atomic band structures of a Heusler alloy
  • Calculate the AF anisotropy constant and exchange integral for the Heusler alloy candidates
  • Perform spin model simulations on the exchange bias behaviour, such as Hex, TB and TN induced at the Heusler alloy AF/F interfaces
  • Calculate the exchange bias behaviour using experimentally obtained parameters

WP4: Structural studies

  • Characterise the Heusler alloy AF atomic structures
  • Observe the domain configurations of the Heusler alloy AF films
  • Estimate the spin and orbital moments per atom in the Heusler alloy AF films
  • Evaluate the exchange coupling at the Heusler alloy AF/F interfaces

WP5: Magnetic and electrical studies

  • Measure the temperature dependence of resistivity rho(T) of the Heusler alloy AF and AF/F films
  • Measure the Néel temperature TN of the Heusler alloy AF films
  • Measure the AF anisotropy of the Heusler alloy AF films
  • Measure the exchange bias (Hex) and blocking temperature (TB) distributions

WP6: Device concept and evaluation

  • Define parameters and layout of devices (film thicknesses, magnetisations, anisotropies, coupling strengths and shape) for different size ranges (1 µm and 100 nm)
  • Evaluation of functionality of exchange bias in planar and perpendicular direction for different size ranges
  • Preparation and characterisation of GMR- and TMR-devices for different size ranges
  • Demonstrators and final report on device layout and functionality

WP7: Dissemination and exploitation

  • Develop and deploy an awareness and dissemination plan of the project results towards potentially interested parties across stakeholders including policy makers, industry groups, geographical markets and the academic community for the technology/product/services and potential applications
  • Develop an exploitation plan in preparation for market take-up of the project results, using the appropriate Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management for each of the critical project results

project management